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Audience Focus has conducted research and evaluation with visitors and users in different organisations. Recent projects include:

Front-end evaluation (undertaken during the planing stage of an exhibition, programme, web site etc):

Formative evaluation (carried out during the development stage of an exhibition, programme, web site etc):

  • Evaluation of the Wessex Heritage Education for All (HEFA) project run by the National Trust in collaboration with the Workers’ Educational Association. This study combines formative evaluation of the HEFA sessions using the Generic Learning Outcomes as well as self-evaluation of the management model of the project
  • Formative evaluation of two exhibitions at Foundation of the Hellenic World: the exhibition on the Olympic Games and the mixed-media mathematics exhibition in Athens, Greece

Summative evaluation (carried out when a project is completed and used to assess the extent to which the project meets its original outcomes as well as the impact it has on visitors/users):

  • Summative evaluation of the Komodo Dragons exhibit at the London Zoo
  • Summative evaluation of the London Voices Online Exhibitions, Museum of London, London

Basic research projects (tend to be larger studies which aim to deepen our knowledge and do not aim to assess the 'value' of an exhibition, programme or web site as evaluation studies do):

  • The Bridge Study research project: developing a framework for studying the agendas and inquiry skills of school groups in science exhibitions, in partnership with the Science Museum and King’s College, London

Project self-assessment studies (assessing the internal processes of a project including its management, communication, collaboration of its partners, product development, inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact):

  • Evaluation of the Every Object Tells a Story project run by the V&A consortium (V&A, Ultralab and Channel 4) and funded by Culture Online of the DCMS.

Exhibit development:

Development of resources for visitors and users:

  • Development and evaluation of written communication resources for teachers and family groups for the exhibition on the Olympic Games, Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens, Greece
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